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Turnkey project

Our strength is the turnkey service, many years of experience in the constriction industry allowed us to select excellent providers, working in perfect synergy, respecting the customer needs and the delivery timing. We provide a 360° service, so that our clients don’t have to worry about anything!

Eco-friendly construction

Energy efficiency, health and respect for the environment are the core values of our company. We are able to realize efficient buildings, exploiting renewable sources and using sustainable and local materials.
We support energy requalification of existing buildings, resulting in reductions of the energy requirements, thermal envelope improvement, solar panels installation and heating system improvements.

We support our clients in case of tax breaks requirements.

Building Practices and land registry

We provide a service for building practices, cadastral certificates

Energetic Certification

We provide the energetic certification service by issuing the certificate of energetic performance (APE), mandatory in case of buy and selling and for the release of the building regulation approval certificate.

Technical appraisal

We provide a technical appraisal and home valuation service.

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