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About us

Euroedil S.r.l.

Our company bases its origins in 40 years of experience in the building construction industry.
To satisfy emerging markets and demanding customers in 1999 borns the Euroedil s.r.l. a company skilled in important turnkey realizations and energy requalification of buildings.
Thanks to the great experience achieved over the years, prestigious clients have entrusted us with relevant works:
industry - commercial, residential - villas and conservative restoration of historic properties.
Make demanding costumers happy has always been our best advertising, ensuring excellent references during all these years.


Restoration and preservation

We make industrial, commercial and civil buildings, municipal works and urban construction.

The experience gained over important historic renovations has made us strong in very specific fields such as restoration, preservation, rehabilitation and reconstruction where our technical know-how plays a key role.



iso 9001 certificate issued by Ancis

Soa certificate 0G1 category III class bis issued by ATTESTA

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